19 Claws and a Black Bird

Agustina Bazterrica

US and Canada: Scribner, 2023

UK: Pushkin Press, 2023

“‘She was horrified by the traces of monstrosity in everyday life,’ Agustina Bazterria writes of a character in her new collection NINETEEN CLAWS AND A BLACKBIRD: Stories (Scribner, 154 pp. paperback, $17.99), and it could be read as a unifying principle for all 20 stories. Her breakout novel, ‘Tender Is the Flesh,’ depicted a world in which humans are bred for meat, and while these tales trade in the macabre, they’re set in a universe that’s distinctly ours, lending them a subtler, more insidious resonance. Moses’ translation from the Spanish captures the playful gruesomeness of the Argentine writer’s prose.” – Kate Folk, The New York TImes