Tender Is the Flesh

Agustina Bazterrica

US & Canada: Scribner, 2020

UK: Pushkin Press, 2020

  • Goodreads Choice Awards Horror Finalist 2020
  • Financial Times Best Science Fiction Book of 2020
  • The Washington Post Best Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Book of 2020

“‘If everyone was eating human meat, would you?’ asks Agustina Bazterrica’s provocative and chilling novella. Set in a dystopian world where cannibalism has become legal, if disguised by the euphemism ‘special meat’, Bazterrica follows a factory owner, Marcos, whose business revolves around the production and supply of human flesh, even as his once-dormant conscience is awakened by an unexpected arrival in his slaughterhouse. Elegantly translated by Sarah Moses, this is bleak, sometimes sickening stuff, but there is no doubting the conviction with which Bazterrica presents this very contemporary parable.” – Alexander Larman, The Guardian